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Lava Guitars Releases the Lava-Drop Model

The guitars reflect a modern aesthetic and are available in either fretted or fretless versions.

Vilnius, Lithuania (August 24, 2015) -- Lithuanian industrial designer and musician Rapolas Gražys has presented his first and one-of-a-kind electric “Lava – Drops” guitar, made out of a single piece of wood. Shaped as actual drops and produced in Lithuania, these premium class guitars are made through an exclusive technological process, using only one piece of Sapele or Maple wood. The fretless or fretted instrument also comes with an ebony fingerboard for increased sustain. R. Gražys first presented his handcrafted "Lava – Drops“ guitars during the Frankfurt Musikmesse music fair in Germany, April 2015.

Each of the “Lava – Drops” models elegantly combines excellent quality and clean, minimalist design, which spares all unnecessary elements. Weighing less than 3 kilos, “Lava – Drops” is perfect for both stage and studio performance, allowing the musician to feel more relaxed and comfortable. Its’ slim and ergonomic neck-through body is designed to fit the needs of even the most versatile performers, allowing them to switch between jazz, rock, fusion, ethno and various melodic tones. Minimalist and clean design spares all unnecessary elements.

Creators call their “Lava – Drop” guitars the reflection of modern classic, and say that the clear wood rings on the bodies of the guitars are left visible as a symbol of harmony with the most genuine elements of creation that the performers experience in the process. The different wood patterns also mean that each of these guitars will be a one-of-a-kind instrument, impossible to copy or plagiarize.

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