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Lotus Pedals Designs Releases the FK CNCR

All proceeds will go to The Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research, a joint effort between St. Luke's and the University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth.

Duluth, MN (December 2, 2013) -- Lotus Pedal Designs introduces the release of FK CNCR, a modified version of the esteemed Iceverb reverb pedal. Modifications by Jack Deville with additional assistance from Philippe Herndon. This is a limited release (100 pedals) with all proceeds going to The Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research, a joint effort between St. Luke's and the University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth.

Lotus' Sean Erspamer tells the story behind the FK CNCR Iceverb

On May 20, 2014 my father, Daniel Erspamer, was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer with metastasis to the bone. Under the care of Dr. Goueli, (director of St. Luke's Regional Cancer Center) treatment began on May 28, with radiation to a tumor on the lower spine that was causing problems. After 10 radiation treatments, and multiple x- rays, scans, and an MRI or two, chemo was started with the hopes of extending his life expectancy beyond 6 months. In mid August, Dad developed intense pain in mid back and along his left side. After another chest CT, a compression fracture in the spine was found.

Chemo was put on hold to do radiation to the spine. CT also showed that the lung tumor was decreasing in size, but cancer had spread to the liver, kidneys and more bone involvement.

Dr. Goueli was happy with lung tumor response, but shocked with other growth. A new combination of chemo drugs was started in the hopes of slowing this very aggressive, out of control cancer. At this point Dad started having problems maintaining a platelet level that would allow further chemo. The first part of October additional symptoms developed that suggested new tumors to the upper spine and possible brain involvement. At this time Dad made the decision to stop further treatment and 2 weeks later, on October 23, 2014, my Dad passed away.

Dr Goueli, head of the oncology unit of St. Luke’s hospital, gave Dad the best care available, always listening to him, and did everything possible to give him the quality of life he wanted for his final days. Dr. Gouli will be opening his own research lab in the near future with the help of the Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research. All proceeds from the sale of this pedal will help him with this.

Early on in his treatment I tried to figure out what I could do. Being the relative of a cancer patient is a struggle as there is nothing really you can do other than be there for support. Lotus Pedals has been involved in numerous charitable events over the years, and after talking with my Dad and hearing him praise the doctors, especially Dr. Goueli, for their care and treatment I decided what better than a donation to help with research in hopes of eventually finding a cure.

Shortly before all of this went down I had been talking with Jack Deville, he owns an Iceverb and had requested a schematic to see if he could push it a little bit further. I then asked Jack if he would be alright with me doing a benefit with his modification and he graciously agreed. I received the changes and built a prototype. I was unsure on the results and frankly the project was reaching a little too close to home. I then contacted Philippe and sent him the proto for evaluation. Philippe and I went back and forth on little things that could be done to improve the pedal. The Spring mode is basically the same as the standard Iceverb with the left knob all the way up. The Hall mode is the Jack Deville mod.

Check out the company's demo:

Street: $150

For more information:
Lotus Pedal Designs

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