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Lovell Musiclab Introduces the Shakey Tremolo

A transparent tremolo with several different wave form options.

Medellín, Colombia (November 3, 2017) -- With quality construction in every aspect, Lovell Musiclab’s Shakey tremolo offers stunning clarity combined with super-durable construction and innovative features. This tremolo is handmade in Medellin, Colombia, with high quality components and great attention to detail. Combine that with it’s super tough powder-coat finish and specially made steel enclosure, and Shakey will stand the test of time.

“We wanted to build a tremolo that doesn’t color the instrument’s tone and has a constant perceived volume no matter how deep the tremolo is set” says designer Tim Lovell.

Getting a little technical, Shakey uses a custom MOSFET VCA that remains faithful to your guitar’s dynamics all through it’s volume modulation, and it’s innovative “Constant RMS” depth control maintains the perceived volume no matter how deep or fast the volume modulation goes - no volume drop!


  • Triangle to square wave blend knob
  • “Symmetry” control - positive and negative sawtooth waveform
  • “Speed” and “Depth” controls
  • Inhouse designed transparent MOSFET VCA
  • True-bypass switching- Chassis mount “Switchcraft” jacks
  • Custom heavy-duty powder-coated steel enclosure
  • Standard 9VV DC jack plus internal battery connector

With it’s highly flexible wave shape and symmetry controls, Shakey is at home in any genre from Blues to Modern Rock. Already proving to be a favorite with musicians and in studios, it´s destined to become a classic.

Shakey is retailing at $115, available at and selected retailers.

Watch the company's video demo:

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