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Lovepedal Announces Silicon Fuzzmaster

The new pedal is a silicon version of the BBB07.

White Plains, MI (December 7, 2011) -- Lovepedal has announced the Silicon Fuzzmaster, an all-new silicon version of the BBB07. According to Lovepedal, the Silicon Fuzzmaster is a sweet, smooth, silicon transitor-based fuzz that is designed to be warm, organic, and sing with sustain.

The company says the pedal has a unique voice that incorporates everything from vintage Fuzz Face to tweed amp tones and can be used like an overdrive, fuzz, or even distortion.

The pedal features internal trim pots to select the bias at any time, 9VDC input, reverse audio taper Drive control, and a mechanical True Bypass system with LED status. The Silicon Fuzzmaster is priced at $195 and is available now.

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