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Mad Hatter Guitar Products Unveils the Super Shredder Humbucker

The company teamed up with Fralin Pickups to design a humbucker with note clarity and focused mids that's based on Fralin's Unbucker.

Scottsdale, AZ (November 17, 2017) -- Mad Hatter Guitar Products is excited to announce the release of the Mad Hatter Super Shredder humbucker pickup to their amazing product line.

Now covering the full spectrum of guitar electronics, Mad Hatter Guitar Products has teamed up with Fralin Pickups for their first set of pickups.

The Mad Hatter Super Shredder humbucker pickups were designed to have incredible note clarity and be very responsive. The pickups have focused mids that sit perfectly in the mix, and double-screw coils that have no volume loss and sound like a true single-coil.

Starting with pickups that Mad Hatter recognized as a benchmark, they developed a criteria as to what the Super Shredder humbucker pickups should be. Working with Lindy Fralin and starting with the prized Fralin Unbucker as the base, the Super Shredder was born.

The Super Shredder humbuckers are available exclusively at and available in Black, White, & Zebra with the choice of Nickle, Gold, or Black screws. Black and Zebra are available in both standard and tremolo spacing. White is available in tremolo spacing.

The Super Shredder Humbucker Pickups are priced at $174.99 per pickup.

Watch the company's video demo:

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