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Mad Professor Amplification Announces New Modded Pedals

Mad Professor Amplification Announces New Modded Pedals

The four new pedals are Dual Blue Delay with Deep mod, Big Tweedy Drive with Super Tweed mod, Stone Grey Distortion Modernized mod, and Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod.

Finland (May 18, 2020) -- Mad Professor Amplification, the long standing and awarded pedal manufacturer, is using coronavirus downtime to release limited-edition modded pedals. Mad Professor´s manufacturing facility hasn’t been running at full production power during the pandemic so the company has opted to use the extra time on working with custom series pedal designs.

Four new limited edition pedals that are available immediately:

  • Dual Blue Delay with Deep mod
  • Big Tweedy Drive with Super Tweed mod
  • Stone Grey Distortion Modernized mod
  • Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod

Dual Blue Delay with Deep mod - Custom tailored delay unit!

Dual Blue Delay is a simplistic, intuitive design which makes you spending your precious time playing and feeling inspired instead of navigating sub menus. Rich, fat and warm sound and the well thought-out functionality is exactly what most wanted. However some mods were requested over the years and are all brought here for a Custom Series version: SHORT side is now made to replicate exactly the sound of the world famous Deep Blue Delay. Matt Schofield fans can now dial in his famous slap back, room emulating, always-ON echo. And you can even set the SHORT side darker than Deep Blue Delay if you will. Then some bass frequencies were cut from the LONG side (effect only)and you can now set the delay level high without the fear of overwhelming delay.

Lastly: the original version has two slightly different sounding versions of the same multi head configuration to choose from, as for the multi head delay. These are influenced by old vintage tape units. Now in the Custom Series Dual Blue Delay with Deep mod, one of the multi head sounds is replaced by a new multi head configuration inspired by Echorec position 7 sound which is used by David Gilmour and Hank Marvin for example. This is set as a default and the original version multi head tape type delay is selectable.

Multi head configuration in the original (selectable in Deep mod) has a triplet feel being 2/3 and this has a lot of fans among instrumental rockers á la Shadows. Echorec position 7 influenced multi head delay (set as a default in the Deep mod) has a quarter note feel and has a lot of fans among the ambient instrumentalists.

"Now remember, when blending in two delays for creating rich textures and layers.. there is no better, just different. True instrumentalist loves them all!" says Harri Koski, the CEO

Big Tweedy Drive with Super Tweed mod - Bigger bottom end and more gain!

Not many of us have actually played High Powered Tweed Twin from late 50´s. While being almost like religious experience, the drive isn’t over the top in those ultra rare and highly responsive tone machines. Big Tweedy Drive will get you that tone where bottom end never gets mushy and with the drive maxed you get your crunchy tones, yet not over the top. Some people have asked Mad Professor to bring in some of the lower powered tweed qualities poured in: more gain and little bit more compression, also bigger bottom end but still not falling apart at all. Now they have done it! Big Tweedy Drive with Super Tweed Mod. Easier to play version with more gain and more bass, but without losing the low gain qualities! Almost like your high powered tweed twin got a master volume to be able to reach out those highly saturated sweet harmonics with more ease.

Stone Grey Distortion Modernized mod - Transforms your clean amp into an authoritative hard rock guitar tone!

You could say Mad Professor´s versatile high-gain distortion pedal Stone Grey Distortion has the attitude, well it just got even more aggressive! If you are looking for a modern distortion with a tight bottom end that never gets mushy even in killing speed, then this one is for you! Modernized mod is a shot of adrenaline that brings the Stone Grey Distortion Custom Series pedal from Sabbath-tones into todays tonality as the midrange has been notched a bit and more gain has been added. Think sonic characteristics and touch sensitivity of a tight high quality 100 watt tube amplifier.

Stone Grey Distortion Custom is the ideal choice for players seeking hi-gain, rock, metal and drop tuning style tones. However, an open minded hard rocker will also happily notice that this limited edition pedal works wonderfully as a low gain pedal with great dynamics, as does the original version.

Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod - Golden tone got even more golden!

Golden Cello has been one of the great success stories at Mad Professor. Of course it has, how could you not love a single pedal that has the tone of a vintage fuzz stacked with overdrive going into tape echo and a 100W vintage Marshall. Now, not everybody wanted the delay section of the Golden Cello because they placed the pedal early in the signal chain and then the delay was placed in the not so optimal spot. Enter the Amber Overdrive, which has the same golden guitar tone and exactly the same overdrive circuit as in Golden Cello. Only the output of the Amber Overdrive was increased compared to the Golden Cello. "This was a popular request". says Jukka Mönkkönen

Now this captivating saga will have yet another chapter!

Over the years people over at Mad Professor have had some requests on maybe looking at somehow shaking up this loved circuit a bit, that it somehow could stand out in a mix a bit more. Not everybody is a rock star playing 5-note patterns with their own trio and not having to deal with the volume level of their guitar.

Now they've done it! Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod brings more harmonic definition and carefully added silky presence to this highly sought after distorted tone bordering on fuzz. It is like the circuit got a new heart of gold and the golden tone got even more golden! Like you found another vintage fuzz or overdrive that was even better piece of the puzzle and sums up even more satisfying harmonic content! Amber Overdrive with Midas Touch mod has the fat and saturated but cutting liquid lead tone you’ve always dreamed off!

These limited edition versions are hand modded in Finland and available until further notice.

For more information:
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