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Mesa/Boogie Unveils the Mark Five: 35

The amp features a completely new Dyna-Watt power section that delivers Multi-Watt Channel Assignable power.

Petaluma, CA (November 6, 2015) -- Mesa/Boogie is excited to announce the addition of the compact Mark Five: 35 to its line of award winning Mark Series amplifiers built in the company’s Petaluma, California shop.

Building on the success of the compact 2xEL84 powered Mark Five: 25, Mesa’s team added power in the Mark Five: 35 with a completely new Dyna-Watt 4xEL84 power section that delivers Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power. Additional enhancements include a Channel Independent Solo Feature, a long-spring tank for an all-tube Reverb, and the complete set of Voicing Choices have been added to an onboard CabClone DI. An upgraded footswitch provides access to additional switching options. For added versatility, and based on overwhelming feedback from the Mesa community, the new compact model will be offered in 1x12 combo, compact head and rackmount formats.

With 6 Modes to choose from, across 2 Footswitchable Channels, Mesa claims players will find the most famous MARK Series sounds–both Clean and Lead–from three decades in this new package that is both powerful and extremely versatile for its size. Compared to the Mark Five: 25, as a performance-oriented model, Mesa claims the Mark Five: 35 offers substantially more headroom in the 35 WATT mode, while two low power options, 25 and 10 watts, provide a looser feel and enhanced power clip expression.

“We really wanted to build on the design and features that everyone loved in our mini format Mark Five: 25. The new 35’s power section is mighty sounding, punchy and bold with increased headroom for gigging, yet true to our design goals. It’s still easy to carry and offers a 40% weight reduction over our Mark Five in the head format. Based on overwhelming feedback from our Customers and Dealers, we had to offer the new Mark Five: 35 in both the portable 1x12 Combo and traditional 19” Boogie size Head formats. While the Head is perfectly paired with our Compact 2x12 Recto cabinet, it can really sit atop a number of our compact Mesa extension cabinets. The Combo can be coupled with an additional extension cab as well for even greater coverage,” said Doug West, Director of Marketing at Mesa/Boogie. Mesa is known for their custom work and the full range of custom options are available for the new Mark Five: 35 including custom vinyls and leathers as well as exotic hardwood cabinetry.

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