The company's first pedal is a high-voltage boost pedal that sports up to 20dB of gain.

Holly, MI (May 15, 2019) -- Adding to the company’s line of plexi-centric tones, George Metropoulos took the boost circuit from the MetroPlex, expanded on the tube emulation, and added the tweaked plexi tone stack (treble, middle and bass). A custom-designed power supply coverts a standard 9v tip negative (Boss style) power supply to high voltage to power the FETs. The pedal Requires only 200mA.

The Supa-Boost is a clean boost pedal. It does not distort the signal. Instead, it becomes like an extra gain stage in your amp, pushing it to do more of what the amp inherently does. It adds up to 20db of gain and frequency shaping to your signal before it hits the amp. You’ll hear even order harmonics stack up even without adding signal gain. You’ll also find that your amp retains more clarity when rolling back the guitar volume. It offers a true bypass operation. The Supa-Boost will wake up dull, lifeless sounding amps. Or it will pummel great amps into new sonic territory. It is like the best tube screamer ever for tightening up your tone and pushing it forward.


  • Wakes up dull lifeless guitar amps
  • High voltage from a standard Boss supply
  • Emulates tune gain stages
  • Tweaked plexi tone stack
  • Adds harmonics without clipping

$229 MSRP

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Metropoulos Amplification

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