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MidValleyFX Releases the Double-Amp Distorter

A high-gain pedal designed to squeeze everything it can out of a pair of op-amps.

Albany, OR (December 4, 2018) -- Adding to the company’s line of fuzz effects pedals, MidValleyFx has unleashed their Double-Amp Distorter, an all original, high gain op amp distortion designed to produce everything from hard hitting distortion/fuzz to thick overdrive tones.

Designed to push the limits with the highest gain out of two op amps, the new Double-Amp Distorter is a must for any gain freak, metalhead, or anyone who wants an amp-on-10 sound. Max gain lets the fuzz rip, while lower gain regions produce classic hard rock tones. Working very well with your guitar's volume, cleaner overdrive tones are highly achievable or keep it on 10 for maximum growl. The Double-amp Distorter also boasts a unique mid-range frequency that allows for clarity even at the highest of gain levels and increased definition at the quietest of settings.

If you’re looking to get high gain out of any pickup/amp combo, the Double-Amp Distorter is a must have for any hard rocker.


  • Three knobs to control Volume, Gain, Tone, and 1 switch to choose between two different silicon diodes.
  • True bypass on/off switch.
  • 9-volt operation and standard DC input.

The Double-Amp Distorter carries a street price of $125.00 and can be purchased directly from the Mid Valley Fx online store.

Watch the company's video demo:

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