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Milkman Sound Announces the One Watt Plus and the Pint

Both amplifiers come in response to customer requests to add a bit more size and power to two of Milkman's most popular models.

San Francisco, CA (July 5, 2016) -- Milkman Sound amplifier company is excited to announce two new 10-watt amplifier models, both based around a custom-designed Mercury Magnetics transformer set which allows for a pair of 6V6 power tubes to operate in parallel, without a phase inverter, for true class A amplification. Both amplifiers come in response to customer requests to add a bit more size and power to two of our most popular models.

First there is the One Watt Plus, a 12" Combo with 10 watts rms of Class A power. This amplifier is a larger and more powerful version of the One Watt model. Housed in a larger cabinet, and with a larger range of power, the One Watt Plus offers an unbelievable amount of tonal options in a very simple device. Onboard power scaling drops the output from 10 watts down to a single watt. There is enough gain onboard to drive the parallel 6V6 output beyond its stunning clean tone into saturation and harmonically rich class A overdrive peaking at 18 watts.

The Second offering is The Pint, which is based on the very popular Half Pint 12" combo model currently in production. The Pint steps up to a 10 watt rms dual 6V6 class A power amplifier with onboard reverb and tremolo. The Pint has enough gain and tonal options to transform from a delicate and lively clean tone with reverb to a monstrous harmonically rich rock box. When pushed into overdrive, the amp will deliver 18 peak watts of class A crunch into an onboard 12" speaker.

Both models are available beginning July 5th as either a 12” combo or as a standalone head. They will be available in all custom shop finishes, and can be ordered directly from the Milkman Sound Website or through our growing network of dealers.

$1599 - One Watt Plus 12” Combo

$2499 - Pint 12" Combo

Watch the company's video demo:

Watch the company's video demo:

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