The pedal features an analog photo-coupler and a high-speed operational amplifier.

Van Nuys, CA (September 11, 2017) -- Miura Guitars USA, is now releasing its own original compressor/limiter. Such famous musicians such as Ric Fierabracci, Robert Pagliari (OHM), Janek Gwizdala, and Anthony Crawford have agreed that these pedals are very clear, warm, and do not squeeze the tone.


  • By using an analog photo-coupler for the compression element, which is used in the medical field, the M2 Compressor gain motion control uses a high speed operational amplifier. This makes it possible to create a crispy compression sound.
  • Attack control is installed for flexible adjustments. Simply adjust the attack time to match your instrument and playing style. This will attain an even and smooth compression sound.
  • For the volume amplifier circuit, only one operating amplifier is used for high quality sound, high drive force, and low offset voltage. The circuit itself is very simple, Only the best materials are selected for each component and tested for the best resistance and capacity.
  • By adding one, strictly selected coupling capacitor, which is unnecessary for an DC amplifier configuration, the M2 compressor gained the ability to perform sounds with viscosity and warmth. We have also used several high end wiring materials to have the sound hold it’s thickness.
  • Power source is DC-9V. The built in DC converter automatically converts the operating voltage to ±15V. This is why this compressor has high headroom, resulting in a wide range of dynamics and signal amplification without distortion.
  • The high capacity DC converter allows the power source to use it’s energy to vigorously push the low-tone sounds.
  • True bypass is not used for the bypass circuit. The bypass method used for the M2 compressor gives high quality sound while holding down the switching noise by matching the control of the input/output impedance and the on/off circuit.
  • All handmade in the USA

In August 2014, Hiro Miura began his latest business, Miura Guitars USA, Inc. This new company was started after leaving his previous, long running business, Xotic Guitars, that he started in 1996. Hiro now creates instruments that are closer to their ideal form and closer to musicians, with his new concept: “Never complete, keep evolving”.

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
Miura Guitars USA

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