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MTD Introduces the Kingston Rubicon Electric Guitar

The first electric guitar from bass builder Michael Tobias.

Anaheim, CA (January 21, 2013) – MTD has entered the electric guitar market and unveiled the new Kingston Rubicon Electric Guitar at NAMM 2013. It is available in 22 and 24 fret versions and like all MTD Kingston instruments it features:

• Ergonomic design for extended playing and comfort
• Asymmetrical neck design for speed and flexibility
• Buzz-Feiten Tuning system for superior pitch accuracy

Michael Tobias is a global icon known for his superior bass instruments. What many people don’t realize is that he is first a guitar player! He is very proud of the Kingston Rubicon and feels that now is the time to provide the time proven design differences of the MTD line to guitarists everywhere. The MTD Rubicon electric guitar has superior tone, sustain, playability and value.

Pricing on the Kingston Rubicon TBD

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