A refined take on the classic Bluesbreaker circuit.

Nashville, TN (January 21, 2019) -- Mythos Pedals has collaborated with Riff City Guitar to release a new exclusive overdrive. The Runestone is a reimagining of the discontinued Mythos Daedalus. This new interpretation has been reworked to offer even more tonal variety.

The Runestone, like its predecessor, is an evolution of that classic “Bluesbreaker” circuit. Unlike the circuit it takes its inspiration from, the latest offering from Mythos is no one trick pony. The Runestone has been tweaked so that it’s voicing is more natural, the drive is more useful and there’s way more volume on tap to push your amplifier. The Level, Voice, and Drive controls are very interactive and allow you fine tune this stomp box to any setup.


  • Interactive Level, Voice, and Drive controls.
  • Increased output to push your amplifier or other pedals with ease.
  • Asymmetrical clipping for a dynamic and responsive feel.
  • Top Mount DC and In/Out Jacks
  • True Bypass Switching

Like all Mythos Pedals, this pedal is built using full size through-hole components and are assembled by hand in Nashville, TN.

These pedals will have a street price of $179.00. They will be available for purchase exclusively from Riff City Guitar.

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