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NAMM 2014 Editors' Picks: Day 2

PG Editors pick their top gear from the second day of NAMM.

PG Editors pick their top gear from the second day of NAMM. See everything from day 2 in our photo gallery.

Rickenbacker Walnut Series

Rick' fans rejoice! Rickenbacker unleashed their new Walnut series here in Anaheim. A thin oil finish gives the bodies a luxurious, natural aura, and the all-maple neck creates a striking contrast. The series includes the 360-12W, 4003W, and 330W.

Ibanez Tube Screamer Amp

Doesn't get much cuter than Ibanez Guitars' new 5-watt Tube Screamer amp. This little guy comes complete with reverb and overdrive controls, and those little legs and vintage radio/TV-like design make it a pretty groovy piece of furniture too!

Cole Clark Triumph 2

Australia's Cole Clark Guitars always brings extremely unique instruments to NAMM. In addition to reviving the Taliaman model, they brought the brand new Triumph 2 (pictured here) is built from Queensland Maple (back and sides) and a Bunya top. The Australian Blackwood inlay is crazy cool too. $2,999 MAP and available now.

Taylor 800 Series

Taylor Guitars brought a completely reimagined 800 series to NAMM. Master builder Andy Powers was given free-rein to update the venerated models with thinner finishes, hyde glues, new bracing patterns and profiles, and Expression System 2 electronics. The 814ce has the usual Sitka spruce top and East Indian back and sides—and pickguard. Prices start around $3,000.

ESP Armor Custom

ESP Guitars Custom Shop brought this intricately detailed Armor Custom axe to NAMM.

Gibson Skunk Baxter Firebird

The new Gibson Skunk Baxter Firebird has ultra-hot alnico 5 pickups with individual on/off switches and coil taps, 9-ply walnut-and-mahogany body and neck, Steinberger gearless tuners, and a Lyre tailpiece.

Kramer Assault Plus

Kramer's new 25 1/2"-scale Assault Plus has a slim mahogany body and 24-fret set neck, Seymour Duncan pickups (an Alternative 8 bridge and '59 Classic neck), and two push-pull volumes for splitting the pickups in series or parallel.

Tech 21 Fly Rig 5

Tech 21 is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year, and to celebrate, they unveiled the Fly Rig 5. It's an ultra-compact unit that allows a player to access the sounds of five pedals in Tech 21's celebrated line-up: a SansAmp, reverb, delay, boost, and Plexi distortion.

Traynor YBA-1Mod1

Traynor Amps introduced the YBA-1Mod1 amp at NAMM 2014 in response the popularity of the LE 50th Anniversary YBA-1 they unveiled last year. The YBA-1Mod1 is an all-tube, 2-channel beast that's capable of running at 40, 20, 5, 1, or 0.1 watts.

Reverend Pete Anderson PA-1 HB Custom

Reverend came to Anaheim with a slew of debuts, including this new Pete Anderson signature model, the PA-1 HB Custom. This classic looking axe boasts features like a trapeze tailpiece, flame maple back and sides, a bound headstock, and a set of Reverend's Classic H pickups.

Zon Mosaic Mojo Series

Zon Guitars showed off their new Mosaic Mojo basses at the 2014 NAMM show. The Mojo models are outfitted with Aguilar pups, come in three electronics configurations, and start at only $899.