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Tom Delonge Releases Second Signature Model

Tom Delonge Releases Second Signature Model

The Blink-182 guitarists signature is a semi-hollow guitar that features a streamlined control setup, modern "C" neck, and Fender locking tuners for tuning stability.

Initially released in the ‘70s to offer versatile sounds for players, DeLonge was drawn to the Starcaster only recently, with him first using it on stage in 2022. Its infamy was quick and fast, with die-hard fans of this punk icon rushing to modify their own Squier Starcaster guitars at home into makeshift replicas of the instrument, unable to wait until this official signature release.

“I love this guitar, I really do. It’s the coolest guitar ever made. Firstly, it is called a Starcaster—that’s the most important thing. It goes to space and expands your mind,” exclaimed DeLonge. “I made some changes to the original Starcaster; I’ve streamlined the electronics, added the 70s headstock to round out the weight, and chose the matte finish with black hardware, so its look matches its modern feel. This guitar shows my evolution as a player but also has the hallmarks of where I came from and what I'm about.”

Fender first worked with DeLonge in 2002 on the release of the Tom DeLonge Stratocaster guitar. This guitar embodied the spirit of Tom’s playing in the early 2000s with streamlined features and bright colourways, and due to the fanfare around the Blink-182 2022 reunion, was re-released to unprecedented demand. Today's release, however, honors DeLonge's guitar evolutions as a player, from skate punk to space rock, back to skate punk and to accomplished musician and idol.

“We are happy to unveil the Tom DeLonge Starcaster, our latest collaboration with this music icon we consider family. This guitar is a testament to Tom's distinctive style and the third act in his instrument lineage, from the Strat to bigger semi-hollows and back to Fender with a unique semi-hollow that’s just for him. Fender is proud to continue our legacy of honouring legendary artists through instruments that inspire players worldwide,” said Justin Norvell, EVP of Product at FMIC.

The Tom Delonge Starcaster features an offset semi-hollow body and boasts a Seymour Duncan SH-5 Duncan Custom humbucker for a turbo-charged tone, with a simplified control setup consisting of a single master volume combined with a treble bleed circuit preserves the guitar's natural high-end, ensuring sparkly cleans and chime-y edge-of-breakup tones. The comfy modern "C" neck features medium jumbo frets on a 12"-radius rosewood fingerboard for a contemporary feel with superior playability. Other highlights include Fender locking tuners for rock-solid tuning stability, a fully adjustable bridge with a stop tailpiece for classic looks, superior setup adjustment, and enhanced tuning stability. DeLonge's original signature artwork and a custom-crafted neck plate are featured on the back of the headstock. This guitar is offered in Satin Shoreline Gold, Satin Surf Green Satin Olympic White and Satin Shell Pink.

Price: $1,199.99.

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