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Reverend Launches the Billy Corgan Z-One

Reverend Launches the Billy Corgan Z-One

The newest signature guitar from Smashing Pumpkins' leader features a chambered body topped with an aluminum pickguard and Railhammer Z-One pickups.

The Reverend Billy Corgan Z-One, a third signature guitar from Reverend Guitars, is here. The newest signature model is inspired by the heavier songs in The Smashing Pumpkins catalog. An alder body creates a thick tone, while deep cutaways provide easy access to the higher frets. The body shape – new for Reverend – is chambered and topped with an aluminum pickguard for a modern look. Railhammer Z-One pickups have a fat midrange, and a smooth top end, with custom artwork etched into the covers. An aluminum pickguard and a "Z" icon at the headstock make for a futuristic-looking guitar.

Billy Corgan, leader of The Smashing Pumpkins, plans to tour in May to promote their double album, Cyr, which came out in late 2020. He has two previous signature guitars with Reverend Guitars: The Reverend Billy Corgan BC-1 and the Reverend Billy Corgan Terz.

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