Nexi Industries Announces the Nexi Slim

The unit features a built-in DI and the possibility to power pedals.

Amsterdam (February 13, 2018) -- Any touring guitarist knows how frustrating it is when effect pedal boards take a lot of space to transport and a lot of time to set up, especially if some of the pedals aren’t working. Nexi Industries is proud to introduce the Nexi Slim, a bitesize, convenient solution that takes up less space, allowing the player to bring only the essentials without sacrificing tone.

Nexi Slim has many of the great features of its big brother “The Solution,” just in a smaller, more mobile format. Key features include a huge display and built-in tuner, 3-step booster and power supply. The board has four slots, allowing the user to click-and-play any four of Nexi’s analog single pedals created by Nexi’s Vintage Analog Protection Squad who are committed to great tone without compromise.

With the built-in DI and the possibility to power pedals (up to 12V) externally, the Nexi Slim might very well be the Swiss Army Knife of pedal boards. And yes, you can also use your existing 9V pedals and put them in the chain on the pedal board any way you like with the ConNexi adapter (sold separately).

The Nexi Slim is not just for the touring musician, but for any guitarist just wanting what they need at any given time in an accessible package. Great for students, teachers and commuters, it comes with a perfectly designed, convenient soft carry case that will keep it safe in transit.

And who knows? With its space-saving design, Nexi Slim might even lead to a decline in band breakups.

Learn more by visiting booth #4049 at NAMM or online at

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