The classic T-style body shape is re-envisioned using the company's Natural Geometric design theme.

Israel (November 20, 2017) -- Offering a line of models for the Djent, Progressive metal players, OD Guitars designs the new age of extended range guitars.

Among 5 different models, the Cybele is a modern shaped single cut guitar that has now the brand’s Natural Geometric design theme.

Other than being an aesthetically unique instrument which positions you in a new light on stage, this instrument designed to play blues as well as prog and metal tones, providing a smooth and comfortable playability for the shred modern guitar player and the classic blues and jazz player.

The new Cybele model includes:

  • 25.5” regular scale or a multiscale.
  • H-S Bare knuckle pickup configuration
  • Hipshot hardware.
  • Natural Geometric theme
  • OD’s custom tuners buttons.
  • Lightweight natural dried and stabilized woods.

The Cybele model base price is: $2,100

Watch the company's video demo:

For more information:
OD Guitars

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