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One Control Expands the BJF Series FX Line

One Control Expands the BJF Series FX Line

A new stompbox quartet consisting of a modulation pedal and three overdrives is added to the One Control BJF Series FX line.

Dorval, Quebec (January 19, 2017) -- The Cranberry Overdrive and the Lingonberry Overdrive inherit the characteristics of the original Strawberry Overdrive. In addition, a low-cut trimpot has been installed and both pedals have been tuned in order to achieve specific overdrive tones. The Cranberry Overdrive is the perfect pedal for a clean, crisp, light distortion and promises a superb lead boost for any genre of music. In contrast, the Lingonberry’s lower-end frequencies are more predominant, creating a stronger bottom-end distortion.

The Dimension Blue Monger is a completely new type of effect that blurs the lines between the flanger effect and chorus effect. It allows guitarists to create a “watery,” 3-dimensional modulation effect that gives the tone a sense of transparency and rich reverberation. The complexity knob adjusts the modulation speed and depth while the colour knob adjusts the overall brightness of the tone. The mix knob allows adjustments to be made to the effect's overall wet/dry balance.

The Golden Acorn Overdrive was designed to reproduce the iconic overdrive and tremendous dynamic range of the renowned Dumble amplifiers. Although these amplifiers were originally used by blues and fusion lead guitarists, this pedal allows any guitarist to add this specific effect to any style of play. Like all BJF Series FX pedals, they feature true-bypass switching to guarantee the purity of the player's tone. Additionally, all the BJF pedals can be powered using a 9V battery or a standard DC power supply. The BJF Series FX pedals are incredibly light (approximately 5 1/2 ounces) and are built using high-quality, compact aluminum enclosures.

All four pedals will begin shipping to dealers in February 2017.

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