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Orange Amplification Releases the Orange Acoustic Pre

Orange Amplification Releases the Orange Acoustic Pre

Orange Amplification's first foray into the acoustic arena is a twin-channel, stereo-valve preamp and active DI designed to serve up warmth, natural compression, and rich harmonics.

United Kingdom (January 19, 2017) -- Orange Amplification proudly present the Orange Acoustic Pre, their first foray into the acoustic preamp market. Having been a pioneering force in the world of electric guitar amplification for almost 50 years, Orange are known for producing some of the finest sounding, most dependable valve amps in the business. It is only right that Orange’s maiden voyage into the acoustic world will set a new standard for hi-fidelity tone.

Handmade in the U.K., the Orange Acoustic Pre is the world’s first stereo-valve acoustic preamp and active DI, offering supreme clarity and unrivaled performance. Designed and built for acoustic players to be used onstage and in the studio, it affords the same warmth, natural compression, and rich harmonics previously only available to their electric counterparts.

The twin channels can be used independently or blended together. Channel A is a unique ECC83/12AX7 valve channel for active and passive instruments. The valve circuitry operates in a totally different way to most electric guitar amplifiers and has been designed to amplify a much wider frequency range in order to capture every subtle nuance of acoustic instruments. It features a variable "heat" control which directly affects the tonal response of the valve by bringing in more sparkle and air as it increases. This adds extra detail to delicate fingerpicked passages, whilst turning the heat control down reveals more rounded tones that are perfect for flatpickers.

The solid-state channel B has a different, slightly softer character with outstanding clarity. This channel has a 1/4-inch instrument input and an XLR input with switchable 48V phantom power. Both channels have a 3-band EQ with parametric mid-control and switches to correct phasing problems. The unit also features a stellar stereo reverb, plus effects inserts and balanced DI outputs for each channel. Stevie Wonder and fingerstyle jazz guitarist Martin Taylor are already touring with Orange’s acoustic preamp with great success.

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