Panama Guitars Announces Extended-Range Cabinets

Designed to meet the needs of extended-range instruments.

Boquete, Panama (July 19, 2016) -- Panama Guitars is proud to announce the all-new Road Series ER, extended-range guitar cabinet.

Designed to meet the needs of extended range instruments, Road Series ER Cabinets deliver massive, punchy low end that is perfect for extended-range and drop-tuned guitars.

Handmade in Panama, the ER series is crafted from Spanish cedar for increased warmth, features a sustainably harvested tropical tonewood baffle for increased transient response and is wrapped in our signature two-tone Tolex with gold piping.

“Until now extended-range players have used guitar cabs originally designed to cover the frequency range of a 6-string guitar, resulting in flubby low end, forcing players to turn down the amps bass control” said Luis Varela, Product Manager

“We solved that problem by coupling our popular Aged V30 guitar speaker with a specially designed 10" low frequency speaker, and now we can deliver frequencies as low as 50Hz while retaining much of the tightness that is coveted among extended range guitarists”

To provide the maximum tonal flexibility each speaker is equipped with an individual rear-panel passive attenuator, allowing you tailor the tone to your specific tastes.

Shipping in August.

For more information:
Panama Guitars

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