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perTunes Announces the MusiClock App for iOS

The app transforms scales and keys into an easy-to-grasp form.

Helsinki, Finland (October 30, 2015) -- Finnish music startup company perTunes Ltd has released its first innovative mobile application MusiClock on the iTunes App Store. MusiClock is a revolutionary jamming and scale discovery tool that allows anyone to jam and practice great-sounding solos without any prior music theory training. The app is based on an internationally awarded invention (EUCYS 2013*) that transforms scales and keys into an easy-to-grasp form. The app includes multiple backing tracks from various genres and different scales with which users can start jamming within seconds on the piano or guitar.

"Most people quit playing their instrument, because learning music theory is an arduous task" says Perttu Pölönen, inventor of the MusiClock innovation. "With MusiClock app musicians can skip the time-consuming phase where you try to learn countless rules by heart in order to play good sounding melodies. You can start playing and jamming straight away, which is much more fun and a more motivating way to learn music."

The full version costs $2.99 including over 1000 guitar charts, interactive piano, 8 scales to jam with, traditional staff and professional backing tracks played in all 12 keys.

Watch the company's video demo:

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