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Positive Grid Announces JamUp Update

The update includes three new expansion packs, built-in BIAS integration, and a preset manager.

Hamburg, Germany (June 10, 2014) -- Positive Grid updates its flagship guitar and bass multi-effects app JamUp with major new features. New JamUp includes three new Expansion Packs: Vintage Effects, Acoustic Pro, and Gurus Amps, built-in BIAS integration with free factory amp, newly-designed graphic interface, comprehensive preset manager, and new JamUp Store.

New JamUp represents the best solution for the mobile musicians. In conjunction with a high quality guitar interface for iOS the iPad or iPhone, it delivers anything a guitar or bass player could dream of in terms of an incredible selection of amp tones, effects and programmability for any situation: rehearsing at home or backstage, recording, and live performance.

"The new JamUp is the celebration of three years since the original JamUp hit the market, so we created a full blown new version”, said Jaime Ruchman, Marketing Manager at Positive Grid. “Musicians can now revive the classic tone and feel of vintage amps and effects, and this time we were able to collaborate with Gurus Amps to create unique sounding amp tones. New JamUp proves how easy, professional, and fun it can be when integrated as an endless platform”.

Vintage Effects Expansion Pack
Features eight guitar effects including models based on: Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster, Electro Harmonix Small Clone, Big Muff, Knockout Attack EQ, Boss DM-2 Analog Delay, Voodoo Lab Vibe, Fulltone OCD Overdrive, and Demeter Tremulator Tremolo.

Acoustic Expansion Pack
Positive Grid's acoustic imaging technology restores a studio-miked sound to a undersaddle or soundhole pickup. It comes with the premium Acoustic Simulator that gives any electric guitar a realistic acoustic tone. Models include Acoustic Imaging, Acoustic Pro Simulator, Acoustic EQ, and Acoustic Reverb.

Gurus Amp Expansion Pack
Positive Grid partnered with Cicognani Engineering to develop three extremely powerful amps. The Guru Amp models provide all the juice needed to fuel the guitar tone with sweet’n’deep crunch-style sounds. Tones range from a light squeeze of overdrive to classic distortion and everything in between. The amp models are based on Gurus Naked amplifier's Sexy, Crunch, and Lead Channel. We choose to collaborate with Gurus because this company made the world's first tube amplifiers specifically designed for live use of external digital devices running emulation software. Thanks to their innovative iChannel, Gurus Amps can express the best of both worlds, analog and digital together.

BIAS Custom Amp
JamUp now comes with Positive Grid’s BIAS amp. Users can taste the powerful BIAS tone inside JamUp and go deeply into full customization with the optional BIAS app on iPhone and iPad.

New Graphics, Preset Manager, and Dropbox Support
The redesigned interface makes JamUp look even better. JamUp adds a useful and intuitive preset manager to order, edit and delete presets, and users can now backup presets via Dropbox.

The update is for both JamUp XT (free) and JamUp Pro XT ($19.99) and they are available for immediate download at the iTunes App Store. Both apps offer the same sound engine, and both are compatible with the JamUp Plug ($19.99), JamUp Plug HD ($99.99) and most iOS guitar audio interfaces.

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