How jaded are you?

Congratulations! You've just made it through this entire magazine. That's a lot of reading and, boy, are you bushed. Rather than prattle on for roughly 500 words about pedals, amps, humbuckers versus single-coils, tubes this, solid-state that, tone is great, blah, blah, blah, I'd like to reward you with some crudely drawn, mindless cartoons. I give you the first—and perhaps last—PG Primitive Cartoon Questionnaire.

Thanks for answering our Primitive Cartoon Questionnaire! If you answered (A) or (B), you're a nice, somewhat sheltered person—and perhaps a tad naïve. If you answered (C), you're a jaded musician who has been kicked around by a heartless industry.

John Bohlinger

A Nashville guitar slinger who works primarily in television,

John Bohlinger has recorded and toured with over 30

major-label artists. His songs and playing can be heard

in major motion pictures, on major-label releases, and in

literally hundreds of television drops. Visit him at or

The shredmeister recounts how Vai's vocal-like delivery drew her in, while his use of groovy odd time signatures and pinch harmonics still pervade her rockin' repertoire.

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See a sampling of picks used by famous guitarists over the years.

Marty Stuart

Submit your own artist pick collections to for inclusion in a future gallery.

How does a legacy artist stay on top of his game? The pianist, hit singer-songwriter, producer, and composer talks about the importance of musical growth and positive affirmation; his love for angular melodicism; playing jazz, pop, classical, bluegrass, jam, and soundtrack music; and collaborating with his favorite guitarists, including Pat Metheny and Jerry Garcia.

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