A lightweight, accurate, easy-to-read tuner made specifically for bassists.

A clip-on tuner engineered with us lowly bassists in mind? Why yes! Thanks to boosted detection sensitivity in the range below 100 Hz, Korg’s new AW-LT100B was designed to provide more tuning stability when tuning down or playing a 5- or 6-string bass—scenarios not typically known for cooperating well with clip-ons.

The AW-LT100B runs on a single AAA battery that’s said to juice 100 hours of operation. It’s a featherweight, at just over an ounce, yet both the display head—with its two side-mounted shuttle switches—and the maneuverable base and clip feel solid and function smoothly. A tuner this small with my crappy eyesight sans glasses would typically give me pause, but I was impressed with the liquid-like display and how clean and clear it presented the tuning readout.

Most importantly, the AW-LT100B does what it’s supposed to do, and does so quickly and accurately—especially for a tuner in this class. (It’s rated at +/- .01 cents accuracy, and I gauged its accuracy by also plugging into a Boss TU-2.) Whether I was tuning a 5-string in standard or going down a step with my 4-string, the tuner picked up the vibration from the headstock and displayed and held a strong signal that didn’t glitch a bit. I had no need to use harmonics, which can be a necessity when using a clip-on tuner on a bass. If you like the idea of going stealthy and pedal-free, prefer more than four strings, play some upright, or just want a reliable backup that’ll easily fit in your pocket, Korg’s tuner salute to bassists will fit the bill nicely.

Test gear: Ibanez SR505, Fender Precision, Boss TU-2


Light and discreet. Three different meter modes. Excellent display. Bassist-friendly.

I lose small things easily.


Korg AW-LT100B

Ease of Use:



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