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Reader Guitar of the Month: Composite Acoustics Legacy Raw

A Carbon Acoustics guitar with an inspirational edge.

Name:Brandon James Abueg

Hometown:Hillsboro, Oregon

Guitar Model:Composite Acoustics
Legacy Raw

This guitar was my dream piece since learning about carbon fiber instruments. I purchased my CA Legacy in October of 2014 from my local music store, Five Star Guitars. I live in Oregon but travel a lot to Hawaii and California to visit family, so I appreciate having a workhorse guitar that can withstand the different climates I take it through without any special attention.

Guitars usually do quite a bit of shifting around as they react to their present conditions. When shopping for this guitar I kept that in mind, and when I was introduced to the idea of an all carbon fiber guitar that was built for longevity and travel, it instantly appealed to me.

The one-piece body/neck mold is phenomenal. There’s no heel connecting the neck and body, and since there’s no wood, some standard building techniques can be thrown out the window. This also allows me to play it similarly to a cutaway while still having the classic dread look, which is something I’m quite fond of.

The pickup system is the Fishman Prefix Plus, which does a great job of capturing that pure acoustic tone as well as its harmonics and body response for when I do any sort of body percussion on it.

Shortly after I bought the guitar I wrote “Stand for Something” on it as a reference to the saying, “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” It serves as a daily reminder to myself to always stand up for what I believe is right.

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