Testing guitarists

Formerly an exclusive fan of a '61 Harmony Jupiter and Fender Champ, Glaspy explains the thought process behind her recent switch to a Danocaster and a Deluxe Reverb.

While she recorded most of her debut, Emotions and Math, on a Harmony Jupiter Stratotone, Glaspy is now touring with this Danocaster T-style that is on an open-ended loan from boyfriend Julian Lage. She doesn’t tour with a backup and prefers to use D’Addario strings (.011–.049) and D’Addario 1.25 mm extra heavy picks.

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The Trigger Fly Capo builds on the original Trigger Capo—Dunlop’s most popular capo design—designed for better handling and tuning stability.

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A 2x2 USB-C audio interface for macOS, iOS, and Windows, designed to kickstart any music or content creation project in the studio or on the go.

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The Hosa MPA-149 Mic Preamp provides an immediate 26dB’s of gain with a -97dBu signal-to-noise ratio, giving users a clean and immediate gain boost for louder, clearer microphone performance.
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