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Rio Grande Pickups Unveils the Greasegunner Humbucker

Rio Grande Pickups Unveils the Greasegunner Humbucker

A double-blade pickup designed for T-style guitars.

Houston, TX (July 29, 2016) -- Rio Grande pickups has introduced its new Greasegunner humbucking pickup for the Tele bridge position. With its high-output design, the Greasegunner delivers a potent blend of raw power and sonic versatility – it’ll turn your Tele into a tonal monster.

Brandishing a stealthy matte black color, the Greasegunner pickup is a direct drop-in for most Telecaster-style guitars and is also available in multiple colors for cosmetic enhancement.

The Greasegunner is built in the double-blade humbucking style, with four-conductor cable allowing coil splitting in various combinations and hum-canceling performance. The Greasegunner’s dual nickel-plated high-carbon steel blade has a 12" radius which will accommodate virtually all guitars. With a DC resistance rating of 8.6K ohms, it is more powerful than most single coils, and will give many humbuckers a run for their money.

For those Tele players who need more than the sharp sound of a classic Telecaster, the Greasegunner will boost you into a high-power and high-performance zone – you’ll get everything you ever needed to keep up with the big boys.


  • High output humbucking Telecaster bridge pickup.
  • Four-conductor cable allows multiple wiring options.
  • Direct drop-in replacement for most Tele-style guitars.

The Rio Grande Greasegunner humbucking Telecaster pickup is priced at $140 for standard matte black finish. Other custom colors available at slightly higher prices.

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