The Pubster 25 Top is a 25-watt head, powered by a pair of 6v6s. The Sedona Lite DLX is Rivera''s newly-revamped Acoustic/Electric tube combo.

Burbank, CA (April 2, 2012) -- Rivera Amplification has released two new models: the Pubster 25 Top and Sedona Lite DLX.

The Pubster 25 Top is a 25-watt head, powered by a pair of 6v6s. The preamp section is a single channel, with a footswitchable and variable boost control and separate master volume. Features also include a foot-switchable 3-spring reverb and effects loop. Tonally, it has evolved from the original Pubster, and has been re-voiced to have more headroom on the clean settings, and comes standard with a Accutronics spring reverb. It is installed in the new Rivera Venus-style head cabinet, with a “Split Grill” and Rivera-exclusive Venus-style knobs. Black Tolex and gold color grille cloth are standard. Retail $999.00.

The Sedona Lite DLX is Rivera's newly-revamped Acoustic/Electric tube combo featuring two clean channels, powered by a pair of EL34s, and rated at 55 watts RMS. Channel 1 features a balanced input, and a full 3-band EQ, with bright and midrange notch switches designed to produce the full volume and tone of Taylor ES-equipped guitars. Channel 2 features a standard unbalanced input, also with 3-band EQ. Treble pull for bright and a Middle pull for selectable mid-range notch complete the EQ options. The Sedona Lite DLX includes an Accutronics spring reverb, and parametric anti-feedback EQ. A direct output with level control is provided, along with an active effects loop with separate send and return level controls. The 2-way speaker system, featuring a Celestion G12T-75 woofer and a high powered tweeter is tuned for a great balance between acoustic and electric instruments. The tweeter can be switched off when using electric instruments. A new “Split Grille” cabinet, featuring vintage style blonde Tolex is standard. Retail $1999.00.

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