Need to play an acoustic gig on the go? These 10 combos will get you through nearly anything.

Acoustic amplification can be a tricky dragon to tame. With so many sonic forces potentially working against you, it’s important to have a rock-solid amp that can deal with feedback, volume issues, and even handle more than one instrument.

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A loadbox/speaker simulator with six speaker voicings.

Burbank, CA (July 12, 2016) -- The Rivera Mini-Rockrec is our newest member of the famous Rockcrusher and Rockcrusher Recording family. Overbuilt with mega-power handling, our load box has the tightest impedance tolerances which provides the safest load for your most coveted tube amp. This is a great way to record your guitar amp without micing a speaker cabinet or to send your tone direct to a PA when on stage.


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