Need to play an acoustic gig on the go? These 10 combos will get you through nearly anything.

Acoustic amplification can be a tricky dragon to tame. With so many sonic forces potentially working against you, it’s important to have a rock-solid amp that can deal with feedback, volume issues, and even handle more than one instrument.

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Editor’s top picks from Anaheim—the cream of the crop in cutting-edge gear.

By the last day of the four-day Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California, you see a lot of exhibitors, journalists, and gearheads walking around with rather glazed looks in their eyes. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. See, Winter NAMM 2012 was busy ... hoppin' ... cookin' ... happening . And that means business is good -- so good, in fact, that it's just plain hard to take it all in.

But blasted and dazed as we are when we emerge from the buzzing confines of the Anaheim Convention Center, there's a lot you don't easily forget. So here are some of the guitars, amps, pedals, and basses that blew us away, in full color for you to see for yourself.

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The Sustain Shaman is a studio quality and very quiet Sustain-Compressor effects pedal, the Acoustic Shaman is the world’s first balanced line input Chorus-Vibrato pedal effect, and the 3D-Shaman is a 3 output Chorus-Vibrato effect, with left wet, right wet, and center dry outputs.

Burbank, CA (January 16, 2012) -- Rivera Amplification has just released into production three new Shaman series pedals, adding to their award winning Shaman line of effects pedals. They are being unveiled to the public at The NAMM Show this month.

The Sustain Shaman is a studio quality and very quiet Sustain-Compressor effects pedal that provides perfect quality clean sustain. It is excellent for long sustained leads or compressed rhythms-perfect for R&B to classic rock styles. With two channels of envelope control, you can have a preset for clean sustained leads, and or another for tight rhythms. With a Tone control as well as an Ef.Level control, you can adjust the effects level and tonal nuances to complement your needs-from humbucker to single coil. Sustain Shaman is an invaluable tool in any instrument effects chain. With true bypass, there is no signal loss when used in a multi-effects signal path.

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