Rocket Surgeon Effect Pedal Laboratory Introduces the Seratone

A "mood-altering" bass fuzz from the creators of Nordstrand Pickups.

Redlands, CA (April 26, 2017) -- Rocket Surgeon Labs released its very first product, the Seratone Mood Altering Bass Fuzz this week. Designed and individually hand-crafted by Dr. Vatone in his secret mountain lab, the Seratone fuzz pedal offers powerful, aggressive, and focused earth shaking bass tones. Dial in your sound with the highly interactive low, mood, and high controls. Anything from fizzy and and synth-like to dark, thumpy, pulsing dub fuzz is quickly and easily achieved. The Seratone offers the most organic sonic experience with passive basses, because of this it does not have a clean blend, which would buffer the signal and make the effect of the fuzz circuit less organic and engaging.

Order the Seratone hand made fuzz today and enjoy our creatively curated and collectible packaging including a custom box, drawstring travel bag, and other cool swag like stickers and buttons.


  • Street Price $249
  • Transistor/Diode bass fuzz
  • No clean blend for uncompromised fuzz
  • Passive tone stack enabling raunchy tones to sludgy doom tones
  • True bypass switching
  • 9v battery powered (battery included) or standard external power support (not included)
  • Individually hand-wired, assembled, signed and serialized by Dr. Vatone himself
  • Custom packaging and swag included

For more information:
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