Rocket Surgeon Introduces the Ice Caves Ambient Reverb

The pedal features three different ambience options along with echo, brightness, and ice controls.

Redlands, CA (December 11, 2018) -- The ice... it speaks... it speaks of memories long forgotten... but only if you learn how to listen. As you descend deeper and deeper into the caverns you can hear these memories reverberate from the walls.

The controls are highly interactive. It will go crazy with everything maxed out, but by having such extreme settings on each you can really fine tune some great icy sounds. There is also a trimmer inside the pedal that allows you to adjust the overall volume of the pedal when activated. Out of the box it is set at unity gain. But you can make it louder or quieter if your rig demands it.

Order the Ice Caves hand made reverb today and enjoy our creatively curated and collectible packaging including a custom box, drawstring travel bag, and other cool swag like stickers and buttons.

  • Street Price $199
  • True Bypass
  • 9 volt DC 2.1mm negative center - higher voltages or incorrect power will damage the pedal
  • No battery. It consumes a good amount of power and batteries would be wasteful.
  • Current Consumption: ~90 ma
  • Individually hand-wired, assembled, signed and serialized by Dr. Von FüzzBrauer himself.
  • Custom packaging and swag included

For more information:
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