Rockfabrik Effects Announces the Kuek

A digitally controlled analog trem/vibrato box.

Istanbul, Turkey (January 9, 2020) -- Kuek is digitally controlled analog tremolo/vibrato unit. Even though the LFO and controls are digital, the whole signal path is analog. So we can say it’s a marriage of digital control and vintage analog sound.

Also, it’s much more than a conventional tremolo/vibrato. Besides modern features like tap tempo and multi waveforms, it has many more unique features like duty cycle and dynamic speed, which depends on your playing. Detection circuit takes sample of input signal without make any differences of main audio signal to control dynamic features. How your fingers will effect dynamic features is completely controllable with a bunch of potentiometers. Every single motion of your finger can be detected.


  • Duty Cycle: Sets fraction of one period in which a signal is active.
  • Multiple Waveforms: Sawtooth, Square, Triange, Sine, and Rectified Sine.
  • Tap Tempo: Measures the time between two presses of a switch, and uses this time to set the LFO’s basic tempo.
  • Dynamic Speed: Speed depends on your playing. First and last speed, attack and release time, direction of speed(speed up or down), and sensivity of your touch are adjustable.
  • Tap Division: Selects between no division (x1), half notes (x2) or triplet (x3).

Pre-order is available for $200

For more information:
Rockfabrik Effects

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