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Roland Unveils the Jazz Chorus JC-40

Roland Unveils the Jazz Chorus JC-40

This 40-watt stereo amp features the famous “JC clean” tone and signature Dimensional Space Chorus effect.

Nashville, TN (July 8, 2015) -- — In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the iconic Jazz Chorus guitar amp series, Roland (Booth #924) is proud to present the all-new JC-40. Compact and gig-ready, this 40-watt stereo amp features the famous “JC clean” tone and signature Dimensional Space Chorus effect respected by guitarists for decades. The JC-40 also includes evolved features for modern players, including enhanced onboard effects and a front-panel stereo input for stereo pedals, multi-effects and amp modelers.

First introduced in 1975, the Jazz Chorus series has earned legendary status among pro players as the benchmark in clean guitar tone, and its sound can be heard on generations of popular recordings in every genre of music. The amp series is equally revered for its integrated stereo amplification system and Dimensional Space Chorus effect, which delivers unique dimension and depth that’s unattainable with any other single amp.

With the JC-40, guitarists can enjoy this genuine, industry-standard tone in a scaled-down amplifier with innovative, modern refinements. Two independent power amps and custom-designed 10-inch speakers deliver punchy stereo sound that won't get buried in the band, while durable, road-tough construction ensures years of reliable operation on stage and in the studio.

The onboard effects in the JC-40 are all newly refreshed for enhanced performance. The Dimensional Space Chorus now offers selectable fixed or manual modes for increased tonal range, and renewed vibrato and reverb operate in stereo for rich, deep performance. There’s built-in distortion as well, updated with a smooth, satisfying tone that’s great for all types of music.

In addition to a normal mono input, the JC-40 features a true stereo input that allows players using stereo effects devices to achieve wide, inspiring sound without having to carry around two separate amps. The rich JC clean tone is a perfect palette for external stereo pedals like delays, reverbs, and various modulation effects. It’s also ideal for advanced gear that employs amp modeling, multi-effects, and/or synth capabilities, such as the GT-100, GP-10, and ME-80 from BOSS and GR-55 guitar synth from Roland.

The JC-40’s rear panel is outfitted with all types of connectivity. The effects loop works with mono or stereo devices, and offers selectable serial or parallel operation. Line Out jacks provide a convenient mono or stereo feed to a mixing board or recorder, while the headphones jack is great for quiet practice. Users can also connect optional footswitches to turn the JC-40’s chorus/vibrato, reverb, and distortion effects on/off while performing.

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