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Samba Pedalboards Announces New Lineup

Samba Pedalboards Announces New Lineup

Samba Pedalboards, an innovative new brand, today announced the introduction of its Samba pedalboard lineup for guitarists, bassists and other musicians.

Benicia, CA (February 22, 2018) -- Samba Pedalboards, an innovative new brand, today announced the introduction of its Samba pedalboard lineup for guitarists, bassists and other musicians. The pedalboards making their debut combine striking appearance with beautiful solid woods, unique musician-friendly ergonomic design details and tough stageworthy construction. Samba Pedalboards also provides the industry's most comprehensive list of included features, all at very competitive pricing.

One look at Samba's pedalboards and it's apparent they stand out from others. Distinctive design cues include forward-sloping front panels with precision engraved logo, dovetail joinery and 3/4-inch solid wood construction for strength and beauty, recessed-panel input/output connectivity with exclusive expansion slots for future growth and an innovative, UL safety-compliant one-piece AC power connection with included adapters and extensions enabling use anywhere in the world. A 10-foot AC power connection cord is also included with every Samba pedalboard. Samba's launch includes three models, all with identical styling and included features: the 13" x 17" Model SP-131, 13" x 24" Model SP-132 and 18" x 24" Model SP-182.

The pedalboards' top surface is covered with a special low profile Velcro loop material for secure pedal mounting. 3 feet of 1-inch wide, self-adhesive matching Velcro hook material for the bottom of the pedals is included. Optional natural maple-finished wood tops are also offered at no additional charge. All tops feature an array of slots for easy cable routing, enabling wiring to be concealed underneath, along with ample space on the underside for an optional Voodoo Lab or other power supply.

The underside is open for easy wire access. Convenient carrying handles are also included. Standard cabling includes one each of a custom-crafted input and output, constructed with Canare GS-6 guitar cable, a Switchcraft right angle 1/4-inch jack for connection to pedals and a Neutrik 1/4-inch input/output plug for instrument, amp or PA connections.

The expansion slots are provided for more sophisticated rigs and include up to four additional integrated input and/or outputs for future growth. These can also be used for multiple purposes such as stereo/two amp configurations and other applications, as well as for send and return effects loop connections.

All three Samba models can be configured for signal paths to flow right to left or left to right, with corresponding labeled inlays in the recesses, a Samba exclusive. The optional expansion-slot cables include a satin chrome mounting bezel and are available at additional cost either at the time of pedalboard purchase or as a future upgrade. Installation takes under five minutes.

Samba pedalboards are available directly from the Samba Pedalboards website at, in a selection of elegant solid woods including standard Natural Maple and optional Cherry, Walnut or African Mahogany. The pedalboards are finished with a durable, catalyzed clear-coat for beauty and protection.

Samba pedalboards are designed for easy installation of Voodoo Lab and most other power supplies. Samba offers the full line of award-winning Voodoo Lab isolated power supplies, widely considered to be among the finest available. They can be purchased as a pre-installed option when ordering, with complimentary installation. Samba pedalboards are also available with matching-sized MONO carrying cases, the most desirable premium cases in the music industry and a perfect compliment to Samba's superb quality.

Mark Stein, Founder of Samba Pedalboards noted, "We're very excited to launch the Samba lineup of pedalboards, providing musicians with products that are functional, elegant and extremely well built, for use anywhere from professional stages to small venues, studios and home environments. We invite fellow musicians to visit our website at, make a purchase and also enter to win an awesome PRS Santana SE guitar, as our way of saying, "thanks for supporting our products.'"

Samba pedalboards are available now. Pricing for standard models are as follows: Model SP-131, $249.99, Model SP-132, $274.99 and Model SP-182, $299.99. All prices are direct from Samba Pedalboards, plus flat-rate shipping. Please visit for additional information, a complete selection of options, pricing and product details.

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