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Satellite Amplifiers Introduces New Effects Pedals

Satellite Amplifiers Introduces New Effects Pedals

The Eradicator tube guitar preamp and Fogcutter distortion/boost are the first pedals from the San Diego-based company.

San Diego, California (October 18, 2016) -- Expanding their product line into a brand new category, Satellite Amplifiers has introduced two new pedals. The Eradicator tube guitar preamp and Fogcutter distortion/boost are the first pedals from the highly regarded San Diego-based company.

The Eradicator is a true tube preamp, with an internally mounted 12AX7, running at real amplifier-type voltages. Most, if not all, tube-based pedals on the market today do not supply the tube with the high voltage found in an amplifier, instead, merely passing the signal through the tube. This signal lacks the warmth of a tube that is properly powered. The Eradicator is very different. Satellite has created a power supply that runs off a 9-volt wall wart and provides the same high-voltage that is utilized inside of a tube amplifier. With over 60dB of gain on tap (that is not a typo -- this thing is seriously powerful), the Eradicator offers a vast range of gain -- everything from add subtle warmth, to massive tube overdrive.

The Fogcutter distortion pedal delivers a new take on signature Satellite character with its raw and interactive sound. The Fogcutter comes loaded with vintage NOS germanium and silicon diodes for clipping distortion mode, and a clean boost third mode changeable at the flick of a switch. The two clipping options provide a vintage and modern option to switch between. The vintage side is loaded with rare germanium diodes. The modern side is loaded with silicon diodes. The boost section removes the clipping distortion section for when you want a bit of boost for a solo, or when you want to hammer the front end of your amp for more drive.


  • Durable all steel custom enclosures, designed for comfort and usability.
  • Designed in San Diego, by the engineers at Satellite Amplifiers.
  • True bypass switching.
  • Eradicator comes with 9-volt wall power supply. Can be used with any standard 9-volt supply with a minimum of 500mA current.
  • Fogcutter comes with a 9-volt internal battery, but can also be run off any standard 9-volt supply.

Pricing for The Eradicator is $449 and the Fogcutter is $349. Both pedals are available in stores and directly from Satellite's website

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