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Schaller Introduces GrandTune Tuning Machines

18 : 1 gear ratio supports precise and velvet- smooth tuning.

Germany (January 21, 2013) – With its cutting edge Velvet-Tec technology the all new Schaller GrandTune is the ultimate combination of tasteful design and velvet-smooth feel and touch.

Due to its revolutionary conception the GrandTune offers a precision and longevity second to none.

The avoidance of synthetic coatings makes GrandTune a perfectly resonating entity.

With its wear-free architecture GrandTune is bound to last and shine as long as your precious guitars ever will – and far beyond.

Experience Velvet-Tec and find out how sound quality, tuning stability and performance define GrandTune as the Superior Tuning Machine.

• 18 : 1 gear ratio supports precise and velvet- smooth tuning.
• Hyper- accurate gear joints and fittings without polymer coatings present perfect stick-slip- performance and zero wear and slackening.
• GrandTune features permanently locked, sealed and covered screw joints for zero degradation and maintainance-free performance.
• 24 karat goldplating of gearwheel guarantees zero corrosion or colour deterioration. • Standard dimensions for easy installation.
• Countersunk screw holes for solid fit and perfect sound coupling.

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