Schroeder Guitars Introduces the WWII Inspired “GI Guitar”

The “GI Guitar” was built to be a believable remnant from the WWII era.

Redding, CA (October 1, 2012) – Renowned custom guitar builder Jason Z. Schroeder has just completed the WWII “GI Guitar” and accompanying mini movie showcasing the historical context and motivation for this guitar.  Schroeder has taken the conventional “theme-guitar” concept to an entirely different level with this project. The “GI Guitar” was built to be a believable remnant from the WWII era.

The GI Guitar uses militaria in unexpected ways.  Examples include, among other things:
• A canvas covered top taken from a genuine WWII tent
• A riveted aluminum pickguard that resembles WWII airplane construction
• Vintage military radio knobs
• An actual Winchester rifle bolt used as a 3 way switch tip
• A neck made from a figured walnut gunstock blank
• Custom aluminum backplates that emulate diamond checkered gun parts
• A stenciled wooden case that resembles a WWII ammo crate

The Schroeder WWII “GI Guitar” exemplifies the elevated level of creativity and fresh perspective that Schroeder brings to the high-end guitar market without being cheesy or trite.  While he brings this to each custom, whether it is a quilted maple carvetop or a T-style throwback, the GI Guitar is the ultimate example of Jason’s obsessive nature with making a guitar as cool as it possibly can be.

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