A pickup that sounds like a cross between a PAF and Filter’Tron.

San Francisco, CA (December 11, 2014) -- Schuyler Dean Pickups has unveiled a new pickup model called Parliament Humbuckers, for those who want a brighter, cleaner sound out of their humbucker-equipped guitar.

A cross between a PAF and a Filter’Tron, this pickup achieves its tone with an alnico 3-bar magnet and mismatched bobbins, the neck pickup receiving 4000 and 4050 winds and the bridge receiving 5000 and 5050 winds. Output comes to 6.8K for the neck and 7.8K for the bridge. Cover options include a brass mesh top or pickguard material top with six adjustable poles.

Handmade in Schuyler’s San Francisco workshop, Parliament Humbuckers start at $130 each.

Watch the company's video demo:

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Schuyler Dean

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