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Schuyler Dean Unveils Gold Foil Pickups

Schuyler Dean Unveils Gold Foil Pickups

Based on vintage foils, the pickups aim to capture the character of the originals.

Nashville, TN (July 4, 2015) -- Schuyler Dean Pickups has unveiled a new pickup model based on vintage gold foils. Dean’s Gold Foils were designed to capture the character of the originals and come at an affordable price. At $90 each they are completely handmade and come mounted in a standard humbucker-size body to fit in a wide variety of guitars.

Using 44 gauge wire, the coils are scatterwound around bar magnets mounted perpendicular to the strings. The tone is true single coil; warm, yet twangy and clear. Sets are wound slightly hotter in the bridge position for balanced volume when switching between pickups.


  • Hand-assembled in the USA
  • Available for any humbucker guitar
  • Wax potted to prevent microphonics
  • Ideal for any style of music from rock to jazz to country
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

$90 Retail

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