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Seafoam Pedals Introduces the Lowtide Overdrive

A unique low-gain, transistor-based overdrive.

Gulf Shores, AL (August 15, 2017) -- New from Seafoam Pedals is the Lowtide overdrive – a different approach than the typical transparent low gain pedal. Being transistor-based, not opamp-based like most overdrives, this pedal boasts unique and smooth gain while adding dimension and fullness to the guitar. The Lowtide features an interesting “focus” control that adjusts the type, placement and intensity of diode clipping for customizable gain shaping.


  • Five knobs to control volume, bass, treble, drive and focus
  • Top-mounted jacks for pedalboard convenience
  • Soft-touch true bypass switching
  • Standard 9v DC operation
  • Hand-made in the USA

The Lowitde overdrive carries a street price of $200 and can be purchased directly from the Seafoam Pedals online store

Watch the company's video demo:

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