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Sidewinder Guitar Straps Introduces Twist-Proof Straps

Sidewinder Guitar Straps Introduces Twist-Proof Straps

It automatically and instantly untangles your strap.

Ashland, OR (May 31, 2019) -- The twisted guitar strap is now a thing of the past. Sidewinder Guitar Straps feature a unique, foolproof innovation that ensures your strap will stay true every time you put it on. It automatically and instantly untangles your strap before it turns into a hassle.

Strap twisting often goes unnoticed until after the instrument is shouldered for playing, when it then becomes difficult to untwist the strap ....or even know which direction to untwist it.

Sidewinder solves this problem with a swivel coupling that resists twisting. If the strap begins to curl, it will automatically self-correct. Even when a guitar cord is passed through, any tangles just roll right out!

Every guitarist knows that strap twisting is a nuisance. Sidewinder allows the musician to simply unwind and play some music.

Sidewinder Straps are constructed from quality leather and durable textiles. More importantly their hardware contains no metal, being formed from high-grade polymers to be strong, yet safe for guitar finishes.

Sidewinder Straps feature a 2” width for playing comfort and are fully adjustable in length from 35" to 61".

Sidewinder also offers the Sidewinder Strap Adaptor, which is designed to attach easily and securely to most any guitar strap. Now your favorite guitar strap can feature Sidewinder’s non-twist performance. This adjustable add-on can also be used to add extra length to an existing strap.

Sidewinder Straps are durable and dependable. And for those who already have a favorite or heirloom guitar strap, the Sidewinder Strap Adaptor will deliver a substantial and welcome upgrade.

Sidewinder Guitar Straps are available online at and range in price from $42 to $57. Sidewinder’s Strap Adaptors retail for $25.

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