Siren Pedals Launches With the Airavata, Anvil, and Midnight Train

The initial lineup includes a dark fuzz, a squish box, and a distortion that aims to cover a lot of ground.

Nashville, TN (February 13, 2020) -- Siren Pedals is excited to announce the launch of three guitar pedals as a part of their entrance into the boutique guitar pedal marketplace. The Airavata, a distortion pedal, Anvil, a compression pedal, and Midnight Train, a fuzz pedal, are all available for immediate purchase online.

Handcrafted in Nashville, TN, these pedals are built with the same DNA which lives through Nashville. The city of Nashville was built with music in its heart and so was Siren Pedals. Each pedal has its own unique artwork and inspired story, crafted to help guitarists find their tone and begin their inner pilgrimage.

"I wanted to create a pedal company that was musician centric first and foremost. Our pedals have been handcrafted and meticulously designed to empower every musician to discover their inner explorer and embrace their ancestral calling. Any pedal enthusiast will quickly discover Siren Pedals not only cares passionately about the artist, but the creation of sonic goodness. Plus, our pedals look damn nice and capture a magical sense of wonder," said Siren Pedals Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Scott Schwertly.

Airavata (Distortion)
Get your fight on with this three-headed beast. This distortion pedal can do it all - from cleanish-grit all the way to a fuzzy-distortion. And, with three modes of clipping voices. This pedal will help any musician dial in their favorite tones from bands who have conquered the realms of distortion. It's versatile. It's fun. It's the Airavata. Airavata can be any guitarist’s go-to distortion pedal for just about anything.

Anvil (Compressor)
Any musician will quickly learn why this type of pedal is "always on." Compression pedals simply make guitarists sound better when dialing in those sweet clean tones. Get more control, and achieve amazing sustain. The Anvil compressor pedal will thicken any signal and allow any guitarist to limit the peaks in their playing. It's a must-have on any pedalboard especially if someone is looking for a well-balanced sound.

Midnight Train (Fuzz)
The Midnight Train is fuzz reimagined. Dark. Mighty. Powerful. A midnight journey awaits with this potent guitar effects pedal. The Midnight Train pays homage to the “Civil War” Big Muff. It maintains all of the classic character, depth, and wonder of the original with a few added bonuses. Any musician will soon be getting tones that mimic the greatness of bands who have mastered the almighty fuzz.

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