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Sitek Guitar Electronics Introduces the Freya Overdrive/Booster

Sitek Guitar Electronics Introduces the Freya Overdrive/Booster

The company's first dual pedal was designed in collaboration with YouTuber Joss Allen.

Gdynia, Poland (August 3, 2020) -- Sitek Guitar Electronics has just released their first dual pedal - designed in collaboration with Joss Allen, a YouTube guitarist known for his heavy-metal magic. The Freya is designed around Joss’s amazing style and technique. This versatile dual pedal is a combo of a low to mid-gain overdrive and a transparent high headroom booster.

Freya’s overdrive section was designed to provide a focused mid-push with three distinctive clipping voices, a vast amount of headroom with great clarity of bottom and top-end of the signal. It’s smooth on the clean channel and tightening things up on the dirty channel. Users may choose between 3 clipping options from smooth, bluesy breakup, open and focused boost to push the front-end of a dirty channel and mid-rich lead tone. The pedal also includes a full range, transparent booster section providing up to 12dB of clean boost. Both sections can operate independently and their order is easily switchable for even more tonal options.


  • 5 simple controls: Level, Tone, Drive, Boost and a 3-way clipping switch
  • Switchable order of Boost and Overdrive
  • High quaity DeMont Smooth-Click Footswitches
  • Powdercoated enclosure to withstand tough stage conditions
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • True Bypass
  • Power supply 9V DC or 9V battery
  • Top-mounted jacks
  • Compact footprint

Freya Overdrive/Booster is available to purchase on or directly from the Sitek Guitar Electronics website and carries a price of $240.

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