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SoloDallas Unveils the TSR4

SoloDallas Unveils the TSR4

An analog stomp that features up to 30dB of clean boost.

Los Angeles, CA (September 21, 2017) -- After rigorous testing by a number of noteworthy studio and touring artists, including Keith Urban, Sting, Angus Young, Richard Fortus, Keith Richards, Doug Aldrich, Tyler Bryant and others, the new SoloDallas TSR4 is officially available worldwide. Assembled and tested by hand in the mountains of Colorado, the TSR4 is a dramatic step forward in the evolution of Ken Schaffer's legendary SVDS circuitry, heard on hundreds of iconic recordings during the late 1970s. The SVDS phenomenon is often referred to as "warmth", "rounder, more dominant presence", "honk", or a "mid-range shift". While boosting the signal and enhancing even-ordered harmonics, the TSR4 creates lush, full, desirable tone, bringing the sound of the instrument out of the mix with clarity & prominence, all while maintaining the instrument's true tonal character.

While the graphics on the enclosure have been refreshed, the real news is inside. After years of exhaustive testing, the TSR4 not only delivers the next level of unmatched classic TSR tone, but is also 12V and 15V compatible for those seeking additional headroom and flexibility. Additionally, the power circuitry has been redesigned, resulting in a bulletproof model that can tolerate power surges and even polarity swaps. A number of components have been upgraded to enhance the tone and lower the noise floor. The design and build have been streamlined to deliver the most efficient, bulletproof TSR ever made.

The circuit is 100% analog and features an updated compander (compressor-expander), which imbues your tone with extra sustain, fatness, and a rich harmonic content. The TSR4 also features a very powerful pre-amp, capable of delivering up to 30db of clean boost.

The TSR4 is available in our classic Black matte finish, and also in a limited edition Han Solo version, in iconic Polaris white. The TSR4 lists for $369 USD

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