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Sonata Marketing Launches Modern Vintage Series Instruments

Sonata Marketing Launches Modern Vintage Series Instruments

The series will start with the MVS guitar, MVJ4 bass, and MVP4 bass.

Austin, TX (February 7, 2020) -- Sonata Marketing launches its new Modern Vintage range of instruments, the MVS Guitar, MVJ4 Bass, and MVP4 Bass. Modern Vintage instruments start at $1,499 US street price.

Modern Vintage instruments evoke classic guitar and bass designs that incorporate updates and improvements that effect usability without diluting the sound, look, and feel of the instruments that inspired them.

Employing modern Hipshot Ultralight tuning keys on the bass guitars improves tuning accuracy, reduces overall instrument weight, and improves balance; while torrified maple increases neck stability and improves the way the instruments ‘speak’ by enhancing sustain and note decay. Necks also employ modern 2-way truss rods with easy access, enabling ‘on the fly’ adjustment, as well as 9.5” fretboard radius’ favored by many of today’s top players.

Attention to details honoring vintage attributes are integral to each Modern Vintage instrument. These details include; steel bridge saddles, to maintain the original attack/decay of the instruments that inspired them (rather than pot metal or brass), with vintage 'screw saddles' used on bass guitar bridges. Passive electronics on all models, period correct 4-ply tortoise pick guard material, custom-colors with matching headstocks, and neck profiles evocative of curated vintage instruments regarded as possessing the most ‘traditional' neck shapes of their era.

Modern Vintage instruments represent a tremendous value for any player seeking the sound, look and feel of a vintage guitar or bass. These new instruments offer the greatest 'bang-for-the-buck’ while eliminating concerns over stability, adjustability, and usability that are often deal breakers.

Modern Vintage guitars and basses are priced without a case or gig-bag, affording players the option to choose their favorite or to use one they already own.

The Modern Vintage guitars and basses begin shipping early February 2020.

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