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Songbird FX Introduces the Birdcord

It‘s now possible to power your pedalboard with an ordinary USB powerbank.

Molln, Austria (March 12, 2018) -- Songbird FX has unveiled their new Birdcord USB to 9 Volt Converter Cable, designed for easily powering 9 Volt audio devices with USB power.


  • Converts 5 Volt USB Power to 9 Volt DC Plug the Birdcord into any USB port to power your 9 Volt devices
  • Compatible with Guitar Pedals, Mini Amps and More Standard 2.1mm DC plug, center negative polarity
  • No more Hum, Buzz and Hiss Noisefree operation with USB powerbanks
  • Enough Current even for Digital Pedals and small to medium Pedalboards Maximum Output Current = 850mA

The Birdcord has only been launched recently, but it has already gained the trust of many musicians around the world. UK based guitarist Jay Parmar calls it „absolutely genius“ and a “beautiful, elegant solution“.

The Birdcord USB to 9 Volt Converter Cable is currently available at a reduced market entry price of €14.99 (approx. $18.45) directly from the Songbird FX webshop.

Watch the company's product demo:

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