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Sonuus Introduces the Voluum Volume Pedal

The Voluum is a volume-based analog multi-effect with a digitally controlled signal path.

Cambridge, U.K. (January 15, 2014) -- Sonuus Limited is delighted to announce the introduction of the new Voluum stomp box at The NAMM Show 2014. More than simply a volume pedal, the Voluum is a volume-based analogue multi-effect with a digitally controlled high-fidelity pure-analogue signal path for guitar and bass.

The Voluum combines sonic performance with flexibility and control. Constant high-voltage analogue power rails ensure high-headroom with low distortion and low noise for maximum signal clarity. Intuitive modulation allows effects to be controlled by the footpedal, signal envelope or MIDI. While other stomp boxes are either on or off, the Voluum gives you glitch-free continuous control to enhance the subtleties of your music.

The effects in the Voluum — noise gate, compressor, LFO (tremolo), volume and limiter — can be used simultaneously or in any combination. For example, you can combine a transparent noise gate with smooth compression for clean sustain, running into an envelope-controlled tremolo and using the pedal to control the overall volume of the effect.

When used purely as a volume pedal, the Voluum offers unprecedented control. Start by adjusting the cut or boost or optimise the feel of the pedal using one of 28 response curves. Then explore the beautifully smooth fades and triggered ADSR sound-shaping envelopes.

With both USB-MIDI and standard 5-pin MIDI connections, the Voluum was designed to be connected! Use MIDI to change presets, control effects, record automation data, or send MIDI clock to sync the LFO. With USB you can connect to the comprehensive Windows/OSX editor to visually configure the effects. Or simply use the Voluum as a USB-MIDI interface.

The sturdy, lightweight aluminium chassis, paired with modern robust electronic design ensures that the Voluum will stand up to the demands of the toughest gigs. Powered by 9VDC, battery or USB, and with classic Sonuus styling, you can be confident it will fit into your rig. Featuring a unique patent-pending pedal sensor for super-fine precision control that will never wear out, 40dB of boost, 100dB of cut and 100 user presets, it’s as useful as it is beautiful.

Sonuus Limited is a music products company, based in the UK. Established to develop and exploit new technologies to create desirable, innovative, products at sensible prices, Sonuus is focused on providing musicians with solutions that are better, simpler, or offer more value than anything else available on the market today.

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