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Source Audio Announces the Soundblox 2 Series

The new line of pedals boasts a variety of new features in a compact, rugged cast-aluminum housing.

Anaheim, CA (Jan 13, 2012) – Source Audio has taken another significant step forward with the creation of the Soundblox 2 series.  The new line of effects pedals boasts a variety of advanced features in a compact cast-aluminum housing.

The company is releasing three new products in the Soundblox 2 format. The first two are Source Audio’s Multiwave Distortions available in both guitar and bass models. The third is Source Audio’s new Dimension Reverb, created by effects engineer, Bob Chidlaw. It features twelve unique reverb sounds and a range of useful controls.

All Soundblox 2 pedals feature Universal Bypass (selectable buffered or true bypass), two user presets, precision 56-bit signal processing, and a multi-function input that supports MIDI, expression pedal, or Hot Hand® control. All of this packed into a cast-aluminum housing with a super-compact 4” by 4” footprint.

The Soundblox 2 series is expected to be $239, and will be available in the Spring of 2012.

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