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Source Audio Introduces the Spectrum Intelligent Filter

The Spectrum is the first offering in their new C4 Synth family of pedals.

Woburn, MA (February 8, 2019) -- Ladies and Gentlemen, say "hello" to our purple friend. A prototype of our soon-to-be-released Spectrum Intelligent Filter pedal is going to make its public debut today at Winter NAMM 2109. The Spectrum is the first offering in our new C4 Synth family of pedals. This magical little box is a multi-voiced guitar/bass synthesizer, envelope filter, octave, and harmonizer all packed in one awesome unit. Check the video below for a small taste of the purple.

Of course the Spectrum reaches full bloom when connected to our Neuro Mobile App and Desktop Editor. We cannot wait to hear the Neuro presets all of y'all create with this awesome new tool. For a more detailed look at the Spectrum, visit the Source Audio Filter / Octave / Synthesizer Project page.

Watch the company's video demo:

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